Invite friends for your marriage through Whatsapp

Inviting friends for 'the big day' is probably the first activity in your checklist. The tradition of inviting friends with printed invitation is long gone. These days, Brides don't want to compromise on their beauty rest. They don't want to go through the hassle of printing invitations and travel miles to hand it out in person. They would rather invite their friends through whatsapp. Also, why take all the trouble when you can do things in the comfort of your home? With websites like Kards, you can customize a professional looking card in minutes. Browse through our quirky, new-age invitations to find out what matches your style. Are you and your partner a big fan of Game of Thrones? Let your friends know that your wedding is coming :-)

Love this, but not sure how to get started? We got you covered. There are several ways to create a chic fresh looking invitation that will wow your friends. Here are some unique ways to design a whatsapp invitation.

Photo Invitation

Photos are a great way to grab the attention of your guests. In the age of facebook and Instagram, your friends are guaranteed to get hooked to your wedding card with a classy looking photo of you and your fiancé. Capture the love you share in a photo invitation and cherish the memory forever :-) After all, whats more unique than the two of you?

Caricature Invitation

A wedding invitation does say a lot about you and your partner. If you want your guest to know the whimsical side of you, Caricature invitation is your answer. Caricatures portray the striking characteristics of a couple in a funny way. It makes your invitation both unique and personalized. They become the 'wow' factor in your invitation.

Story Telling Invitation

How did you two meet? Where did you go for dates? How did he propose? Did you share any small displays of love? How would you like to answer such probing questions of your friends when you reveal them the 'big news'? Story-telling whatsapp wedding invitation is for you!

Video Invitation

How romantic is it to create an animated 'how we met' story of you and your partner? Sweet and nostalgic, isn't it ? Won't it be even more meaningful when this video becomes a part of your wedding invitation? Sharing videos through whatsapp is the best way to make your friends look at your invite again and again.

Start designing your whatsapp invitation today at Kards. Above all, It is your big day!, give it all the time it needs to craft the perfect announcement.

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