Invitation Designer Spotlight : Abhinaya

Abhinaya from “Color Tickle” is a graphic designer who creates custom designed invitations. Her illustrations are simple and smart! She always makes an effort to bring in varied design styles and breaks the monotony in her creations. Above all, she is a fun person to talk with! Read on to know more about her journey.

How did you get into designing invitations?

I have always tried to be creative and loved making DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. I've been into crafting, jewelry making, designing greeting cards and painting for a while now but digital designing happened rather recently. I wanted to design a custom e-invite for my wedding. I hand drew an elaborate 4-page illustration with all the details in the invitation. That was really my first attempt in invitation design and everyone loved it! With a lot of motivation from family and friends to take it more seriously, I started learning Graphic Design. The idea of customizing digital illustrations and the possibility of creating anything that one has in mind, fascinated me. Now I'm fully exploring the fun venture and thoroughly enjoying every new project!

What does your work reflect?

Colors make me genuinely happy and there is so much inspiration around us everyday if we look into the details. My work reflects just that. The idea is to pass on the happiness by tickling people with colors and that's how Color Tickle was born. If the design makes the viewer sport a smile, then I hope to have done justice to it. Also, I love to experiment with different styles of art by combining the things I knew already with the things I learn newly everyday. This amalgamation results in unique outputs always! 

What is your process in designing an invitation?

Normally the process starts with ideation where I get to understand what the client has in mind while providing inputs from my end to develop the idea. It is then followed by sketching the concept with additional feedback if any, and then digitalizing the complete idea. Finally, I print out some samples for testing and photograph the end results before sending over the design.

What is the fun part of being an invitation designer

The fun part about the job is getting to know about the creative sides of a lot of wonderful people I meet as clients or fellow designers. I'm super grateful for that! Kards is definitely one of those :)


Color Tickle

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