Caricature Wedding Invitations

Caricatures are taking the center stage in wedding invitations these days. A little mini "you" never fails to put a smile on the face. A well made caricature invitation can reveal your fun side and make your guests talk about your invite just as much as your wedding itself! And that makes your invitation all the more memorable! Isn't it? :-)

Why should you get a caricature invitation?

Well, wedding invitation is the first step to announce the wedding to your guests. These days couples have a desire to keep things fresh and different. Wedding invitations have come a long way from being mere fancy informational cards to something more fun and quirky. Speaking of fun, caricature invitations are your best pick! They bring out striking characteristics of the couple in a funny way while keeping the invitation personalized to you.

You can bring out anything you want through caricatures. Be it quirky or traditional, reality or abstract ideas, caricatures can be customized to convey your take on the wedding. Not just the couple themselves, even their parents and the older generation are more open to having a caricature on the wedding invite. Who wouldn't want an invitation that appeals to everyone and make people go WOW? :-)

And you still wonder why they are trending now ? Here are some caricature wedding cards that will answer the question for you.

Show the Traditional YOU

Wedding is all about tradition and celebrating your culture. Bring it out with your caricature.

Get Silly!

Here is a bride sentencing her groom for life ;-)

Love your pet more than anything?

We have it figured. Let's double the wedding joy with your pet next to you.

Show your story

Visualize that special coffee date you had for the first time.

Want to make it bigger than you?

Ofcourse, get a family caricature portrait. This could also double up as a memorable wall hanging or a wedding party gift.

Now that you have decided to give it a shot, all you need to do is get some good looking picture of you and reach out to Kards. Rest is all taken care of!

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